Newsletter 02


This article contains the latest updates in relation to changes with effect from 2014 in view of the last budget. Main sections effected are the Payroll and HR matters. Employers should particularly take note of the changes displayed in the below link.

Deadlines in February:
  • VAT returns submitted by the 15th
  • End of year payroll documents filed with the Inland Revenue Department by the 15th
  • Payment of FS5 of January 2014 due on the 28th



This section of our newsletter will start providing you with a synopsis of some of our clients and their products and services. It is a way to portray the client portfolio of our firm and the innovative products and services which our clients provide and which could be of interest to our other clients and contacts

Aloaha Software

Aloaha Limited is a software development company specialising in the document creation, management and security in conjunction with electronic signatures as well as middleware technology including Interface and Driver technology for smart cards. Their solutions meet enterprises', state institutions' and end consumer's need to enhance the security, verifiability and efficiency of their electronic business transactions, to reach the greatest possible security for their data, as well as to optimize workflow and communication processes.


Aloaha products are extremely versatile and deployed in numerous applications such as in e-invoicing, e-forms, e-archiving, e-mobile and e-banking solutions. Their latest innovative product is the new Aloaha Secure Stick ll which one can utilise for all his secure operations without having to go into the hassle to install any software or driver. The Aloaha Secure Stick ll is a secure composite hardware device which combines the advantages of AES encrypted mass storage tokens with smart card technology. It comes with the Aloaha Smart Card and uSD Storage of up to 32 GB. Additional it is outfitted with additional hardware security features such as the inbuilt hardware AES 256 encryption. 

The highest level of AES 256 hardware encryption for the uSD Card is provided by its strong internal processor. To guarantee that the used AES key is unique and not known by anyone, the key is generated by the stick itself. The hardware AES encrypted uSD partition appears on your PC with an assigned drive letter ONLY after entering the vaid PIN for the AES Key. All data transfers are on-the-fly encrypted / decrypted with the on-board processor.

The embedded secure applications communicate directly with the smart card without using any easily interceptable CCID or PCSC driver. Just plug the secure device into a free USB port of any PC and start working!


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