Newsletter 13


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Corporate Governance Manual for Investment Services Directors

The objective of this Manual is to increase awareness amongst Directors who are vital for the proper operation of investment companies and funds. The Manual also provides general guidance on the implementation of good governance in financial services. The global financial crisis of 2007-09 caused severe troubles in the funds industry. These manifested themselves mainly through unprecedented losses in asset value, but also through unexpected and prolonged limitations on shareholder liquidity, operational chaos, extremely compressed and extended time horizons, legal and regulatory paralysis, slow or poor communication from managers, and overall shareholder confusion and even panic.



Deadlines in January:

  • VAT returns submitted by the 15th
  • TAF2 applications to be submitted by the 16th


This section of our newsletter is providing you with a synopsis of some of our services.

Payroll Updates for 2015

3a operates a full range of payroll, social security contribution and compliance services for individual and self-employed clients to ensure timely compliance with prevailing legal requirements. These services include the calculation of weekly national contribution rates owed and the issuing of reminders to ensure that no penalties are incurred for overlooked deadlines. Clients benefit from our assistance with regard to P.E. number and employment licenses applications, as well as the completion of Employment and Training Corporation forms, which we take care to deliver to relative departments on their behalf. As an added value, we also operate a delivery service to the tax department for monthly tax document payments and accommodate the online electronic submission of annual FSS return forms. Our computerised service allows the client to issue weekly, fortnightly or monthly payslips. We also see to the provision of payroll reports and the completion of tax documents as part of our service offering. In the meantime we are providing you with important payroll and legislative updates applicable to employed and self-employed persons as from 1st January 2015.
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