Mentoring the way towards
innovation and success
As your trusted partners, we will foster an objective outlook of your business performance while providing business mentoring geared towards innovation, supported by a team of multi-skilled professionals. Our Company Get in Touch
Securing finance for the next
step in your business growth
Focus your energy and resources on securing your company’s growth trajectory. We can provide you with the right advice to access the required financing to take your business to the next level. Our Company Get in Touch
Build value and maximise
returns on your investment
Investment in any business requires a significant financial commitment. We help you maximise your financial gains by strengthening your business reputation, brand value and stakeholder engagment. Our Company Get in Touch

Our Services


We believe that timely and precise accounting data is key to the successful monitoring of one’s business performance.


Our highly trained assurance team at 3a Malta is committed to ensuring transparency and accountability in your business to satisfy the requirements of investors, lenders and government.


3a’s advisory directorate is composed of a resourceful and well-coordinated mixture of partner professionals and our own creative in-house advisors.

Tax Services

At 3a we offer a tax structuring service, which covers the processes of company formation, accounting networking and tax planning.

Business Support Services

We provide the necessary business support services, allowing you precious resources and time to focus on the core operations of your company.

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Our People

3a’s passionate and skilled workforce is at the core of the company’s growth and success. As a people-oriented firm, we are strongly committed to personal development, continued education, knowledge-sharing and participation. Our team is what drives the company’s innovation, performance and creativity.  If you are a young professional willing to develop your potential within a dynamic work environment founded on principles of research and excellence of service, then we are interested in getting to know you.


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