A small surprise for 3a Mummies

It was a busy afternoon for 3a Malta’s HR Director Christian Vella today, as he drove all the way from east to west to south to north of the island delivering a bouquet of flowers to the eleven super mummies or mummies-to-be at 3a Malta!   Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Milestone Work Anniversaries

The disruption that Covid-19 brought to the year 2020 did not stop 3a Malta from celebrating important milestone work anniversaries of seven of its long-serving employees. 

Claire Muscat, Emanuela Bugeja, Francesca Galea and Dorianne Giordmaina celebrated their fifth anniversary with the firm, having joined throughout 2015. 

Charmaine Vassallo Fenech, Alison Calvert and Tonio Cuschieri celebrated their tenth anniversary, having joined in 2010. 

Due to the suspension of social activities because of the pandemic, commemorative awards were instead distributed by the company directors to the awardees at their residence during the Christmas period. 

3a Malta heartfeltly congratulates these employees, thanking them for their loyal service, and looks forward to many more years working together.

Employee of the Year 2020

The disruption that Covid-19 brought to the year 2020 required that 3a Malta and its staff adjust to the situation to continue providing a quality service to their clients, nonetheless. To this effect, all staff members had to adapt to different circumstances, work using new tools and technology as well as adapting to different routines and processes. With teamwork from everybody concerned, all work and timeframes were duly managed satisfactorily.

One unit which became the frontline of 3a Malta was the Administration Unit, led by Ms Brenda Borg, 3a’s Administrative Executive. Throughout the whole year, they managed the office, serviced all clients as well as supported all the staff working from home to ensure a seamless service experience to our clients.

It was therefore well merited that Ms Brenda Borg was awarded the Employee of the Year 2020 where she gathered the most votes amongst the team members recognised for their efforts by their peers and nominated for the award.

On behalf of the 3a team, we congratulate Brenda for this well-deserved award which recognises her commitment and contributions towards the firm, the team and the clients.