Malta Start-Up Residence Programme

Malta Enterprise has recently launched “The Malta Start-up Residence Programme” with the aim to support TCNs in reallocating their skills, business and investment to Malta, whilst being able to reside in Malta whilst doing so.

The Malta Start-Up Residence Program includes a three-year residency permit for business owners, with the option to extend this period for another 5 years. Key employees who earn more than €30,000 a year can extend their work permit for up to three years. Once a business owner has been resident in Malta for more than five years, they will be in a position to apply for a permanent residence permit.

To be able to apply, the applicant must:

  • Have a minimum share capital of €25,000 or provide a minimum of €25,000 intangible investments.
  • The business must be fully incorporated and not been registered for seven years or more outside Malta.
  • Business owners must reside in Malta for at least 183 days in every calendar year.
  • A residency permit is granted to every founder
  • The Start-Up must not have more than six founders
  • If the Start-Up has more than 4 co-founders, it must have an additional €10,000 in either investment or paid-up share capital for every founder.
  • The company must have an office and substance in Malta

Malta Enterprise will be responsible for looking into the business viability and monitoring the economic progress of the venture.

If you are interested in this scheme, you may contact us to assist you and provide you with further information, by sending an email to [email protected]