Movember 2023

As part of our annual initiative, we have once again raised awareness about men’s health issues throughout the month of November, dedicated to men. All present team members, decided to turn up to the office wearing a hint of blue for the day. They also donated a small fee as part of our yearly commitment to this cause, which added up to €350. We will donate half the amount to the Pink October and Movember 2023 Campaign as the other half will be donated to Hospice Malta. A big thanks goes to our staff members for participating in this cause.

Did you Know?

The term “Movember” is a combination of “Mo”, derived from the word “moustache” and “vember” is from “November”. Hence, these 2 form the word “Movember”.

Skills Development Scheme

The Skills Development Scheme is designed to give assistance to SMEs and also large businesses in offering training opportunities to their current staff and new employees in order to develop new skills and enhance their knowledge.

Eligible Costs

This scheme covers 70% of the training costs including trainees and trainers during the training period, expenses related to external expert fees, costs associated with air travel, and subscription expenses for accessing online training materials on a per-hour basis. Financial support can primarily be given in the form of a tax credit, but a cash grant is not to be ruled out as well. More than 100 beneficiaries have been assisted with a total of 5 million investment over the last 2 years.

Training Programmes

Training must be divided into modules, with each one of them must last to at least 8 hours in duration and must be delivered to at least 5 different employees. This has to lead to the acquisition of new skills, knowhow, and knowledge.

The deadline for this scheme is extended till the 31st of December 2023.

For more information or if in need of any assistance, send us an email on [email protected].

Pink October 2023

Raising Awareness about Breast Cancer as part of the Pink October campaign was once again one of our priorities this year. All team members present on the day decided to come to the office with a touch of Pink and donated a small fee to the voluntary organisation of Hospice Malta. 

We also treated ourselves with delicious Pink cupcakes during the day!