Seed Investment Scheme

The Seed Investment Scheme has been introduced to help Business Start-Ups raise equity finance. This Scheme offers incentives in the form of tax credits to individual investors which are residing in or operating in Malta, who invest in a qualifying Maltese start-up or early stage companies.

The scheme also offers young entrepreneurs a route to vital funding in the initial stages of their projects by effectively minimizing the risk to investors.

More Information:

  • The company seeking investment must be incorporated or based in Malta.
  • The company must not have more than 10 employees.
  • The company must not be older than three years old.
  • The company must have assets of less than €250,000.
  • A company can raise no more than €750,000 in total through SIS investment.

Investors can receive up to 35% tax relief in the tax year that the investment is made.

For more information or assistance with this scheme send an email on [email protected]