Requirement of email address by Malta Business Registry

The Malta Business Registry has issued a notice that in furtherance to the publication Act LX of 2021, the legislation has introduced the requirement for companies to indicate their electronic mail address in the Memorandum & Articles in terms of article 69(1)(d) of the Companies Act.

The scope behind this amendment is two-fold. Firstly, electronic communication serves to increase efficiency through timely communication by reducing the reliance on paper format communication to a company’s registered office. Certain correspondence may well be served to a company electronically and is many times more effective in reaching the concerned company officers. Secondly, the MBR as a central national registry and supervisory authority, is in the process of implementing sustainable governance measures that correspond to corporate sustainability goals reflecting national and European Union initiatives in the sector. Limiting the amount of physical paper-format correspondence and shifting the emphasis to electronic means, will serve to reduce the use of paper and associated materials which is in line with the requirement of the European Green Directive.

MBR is therefore requesting that an electronic mail address is to be provided to the Malta Business Registry by 30 September 2022 by all companies actively registered in the Malta Business Registry. This can be done either by filing an updated memorandum and articles of association or by sending a formal letter (in writing) to the Registrar.

Should you need any assistance in this regard, 3a can assist you to comply with the above-mentioned requirement. Kindly contact Ms Rachel Schembri, our Corporate Support Officer on [email protected]