Smart and Sustainable Investment Grant


Incentive towards investment in more sustainable and digitalised processes leading to increase in competitiveness and optimisation of the use of resources.


– Any legal form of business having at least 1 full time employee registered with Jobsplus. Full time self-employed is considered to meet this criterion.

– Planning to invest at least €10,000 in eligible costs. 

– The applicant must not have any dues related to VAT, Income Tax, and Social Security which are older than twelve (12) months.

– The applicant must not be engaged in activities specifically excluded under the de minimis regulations.


Grant covering 50% of the eligible expenditure up to a maximum grant of €50,000 per project.

A further tax credit up to €20,000 per project will be awarded as follows:

10% tax credit if the project will meet one of the established criteria

20% tax credit if the project will meet one of the established criteria

Tax credit established criteria
Project results new investment (including expansion of existing investments) in Gozo
The project is carried out by an undertaking which has been established for less than 3 years. (This shall be calculated from the date of registration).
The project is supported by an independent carbon footprint audit and assessment demonstrating a significant reduction in the applicant’s carbon footprint.

The scheme falls under the de minimis regulations.

Eligible costs

Eligible InvestmentNotes
Waste Minimisation (Reducing materials use per unit of production.)The introduction of new industrial solutions or strategic modifications to existing plant and machinery to help business achieve a reduction in the waste generated per unit during the production process, including the reduction in packaging and increasing lifespan of products.
Sustainable Materials (Cost Reducing impact of product on global environment)Supported action include: investment for pilot projects; investments leading to change in material used in production or changes to materials to ensure better recovery of material at the product’s end of life.
Energy Efficiency (Reducing energy use per unit of production)Investments to reduce power requirement in relation to machinery and lighting, improving insulation of buildings, investments in cogeneration of heat and power and geo- thermal installations.
Water Efficiency (Reducing water use per unit of production)Investments in solutions to improve water usages such as investments in closed-cycle water systems and investment to store run-off rainwater.
Sustainable Digitalisation (Adopting digital solutions to enhance environmental performance)Adoption of technologies to increase product functionality, develop online services, modernise processes, or migrate to business models based on the disintermediation of goods production and service delivery, eventually producing a transformative impact.

The costs must be incurred after the approval is issued by Malta Enterprise. The supported project must be implemented within 12 months from the approval date and the investment must be held for at least 3 years.

Applications deadline

Applications must be submitted by 30th November 2023.

For more information on this scheme you can contact Tonio Cuschieri from our Advisory Team on [email protected]